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Slugging Percentage Calculator

In baseball statistics, the slugging percentage Calculator is a general measure of the power of a hitter. It is calculated as total bases divided by at bats.


Slugging Percentage (SLG) = (1 base hits + (2 x 2 base hits) + (3 x 3 base hits) + (4 x home runs)) divided by at bats.

Facts about Calculator:

Measuring the efficiency of a hitter.

Evaluative tool for pitchers.

Maximum slugging percentage has a numerical value of 4.000.

No One in the history of the MLB has ever retired with a 4.000 SLG.

What You Need to Know to Use This Calculator:

You must enter the following numbers into our calculator to determine the percentage:

Home runs
At bats

How Slugging Calculator Works

Our calculator multiplies the singles by 1 because each count as one base. The doubles are multiplied by two since two bases are reached with a single hit. Triples are multiplied by three, and home runs are multiplied by four. All of these are added together to find the total number of bases.

The total bases number is divided by the number of at bats. This gives the slugging percentage. Base-on-balls or hit-by-pitch walks are not counted in this calculation because though those situations resulted in getting on base, they were not earned from hitting the ball.

What the Data Mean.?

A player is more likely to advance further on each hit, if his slugging percentage is higher. High slugging percentage Power hitters are known for hitting the ball far most of the time.


Donald had

450 at-bats

24 hits

15 doubles

0 triple

28 home runs.

The five necessary stats to calculate SLG are

24B = 24

15B = 30

0B = 0

HR = 28

AB = 450

His SLG is then

SLG = (24 + 2*15 + 3*0 + 4*28)/ 450

= =0.37

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